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The Path to your CFA® Exam Success: Level I

Pursuing your CFA® charter demonstrates your commitment to gaining the expertise and credibility needed to achieve your career goals.

According to the CFA Institute, the 10-year average pass rate for Level I is 42%. Choosing the right exam prep partner will provide you with the tools you need to approach the exam with solid financial acumen, confidence and the test-taking skills needed to succeed.

As a leader in the industry, STC offers a time-tested system that simplifies the process and includes the following features:

  • Unique Question Bank
  • Ask-a-Tutor sessions
  • Mock exams replicating the difficulty level of actual CFA exams
  • Performance-tracking built with our intelligent algorithms
  • Customized prep option

Level I targets ethics and professional standards, asset classes, portfolio management and other topics that provide a solid foundation for the subsequent exams and your overall industry knowledge. Because STC incorporates a range of learning approaches such as video, interactive tutor sessions, written content and mock exams, our solution is engaging and appeals to a variety of learning styles.

Versatile and flexible training materials are essential since successful test takers spend about 300 hours in preparation for the exam.

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Candidates that are already enrolled in the CFA Institutes CFA program, can register for the STC solution today.

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