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Insurance agent money

How Much Does An Insurance Agent Make?

  Do you like helping people and knowing that you’ve given them peace of mind to protect what they love?  If so, a career as an insurance agent may be right for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, insurance agents earn an annual…

Insurance Salary

Insurance Industry Salary

  Ask a business school graduate what they plan on doing when they graduate, and many will mention investment banking, venture capital and consulting.  Those are the glamorous, exciting fields.  Mention insurance to them and you might get a look of bewilderment.  Why would…

Financial Advisor Salary

Financial Advisor Salary by Firm

  One of the things financial advisors have to consider when starting their career is their salary.  They want a position that covers all the bills with some left over for investments and savings, one that provides them with enough money so they can…