How to Leverage the SIE Exam in Your Business

Leverage SIE exam

How to Leverage the SIE Exam in Your Business

The SIE Exam is a new, introductory-level FINRA exam for prospective industry professionals. Its purpose is to assess a candidate’s basic knowledge of securities industry topics fundamental to working in the industry. The SIE Exam is a FINRA sponsored exam that will be a prerequisite to working within the financial services industry. Companies should be looking to see how to leverage the SIE Exam.

This introductory-level exam is now available, and it may change your entire human resources strategy. The test is a pass-or-fail exam, which places the onus on companies to provide those who would take the test with quality instruction.

By partnering with Securities Training Corporation, you can prepare your employees to pass SIE the first time.

How can the SIE help your business?

  • FINRA’s New Streamlined Testing Process
  • Leveraging the SIE to Connect with Next Generation of Professionals
  • How to Enhance Your Recruiting and On-boarding by using the SIE
  • How Current Employees Can Benefit from the SIE