View Webinar- How Your Candidates Can Prepare For the Series 54?

Series 54

Many of the participants in the MSRB webinar on Series 54 asked about study material and the MSRB did not provide any information. STC is going to help give you more understanding of the exam

This webinar will cover:

  • A brief overview of the examination
  • A summary of the MSRB webinar discussing Series 54
  • STC’s Series 54 materials and products
  • Class and private tutoring options
  • Q&A  session

What is the Series 54? 

  • Any person who supervises the activities of a municipal securities advisor will be required to pass both the Series 50 and Series 54 examinations
  • There is no “grandfathering” provision, meaning that if a person who supervises municipal advisors has a current Series 24 and/or Series 53 they will still be required to pass the Series 54
  • Similar to the implementation of the Series 50 examination the MSRB will be conducting a pilot program
    • The scheduled dates of the pilot are February 2019 – June 2019
    • The pilot will be used to determine the passing score for the permanent exam
      • When a person takes the pilot they will not know whether or not they passed until the summer of 2019 (not date specified)
    • The number of questions on the pilot may differ from the number of the permanent exam
    • The implementation date of the permanent exam has not yet been established
      • It is anticipated sometime this fall and once established anyone functioning as a municipal advisor principal will have a one year grace period in which to pass the exam