Are Your Associates Ready for Their Examinations?

The key to examination success is preparation
Securities Training Corporation’s (STC) new study system provides special tools to help prepare your students to be test ready and get their license
More ways to prepare, study, and succeed
Exam Prep at provides an interactive toolbox of study aids, review tools, and comprehensive knowledge assessments which can help optimize your students’ success.
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Ready? Test!
My Scores gives a quick overview of all their exams and identifies the areas they need to strengthen.

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Easy Interface
Clean, intuitive tile design makes it simple to find students and track their classes.
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Course Management 
Manage your course material. Be confident you’re studying from the right materials to help pass our exam.
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Custom Examinations 
Create your own exams in Exam Center. Focus on particular topics and even determine how many questions it asks you.
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Track Progress
View progress for any portion of their training. They gain the confidence knowing when they’re ready to take and pass the exam.
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Study Aids
Students can use existing flashcards or build their own to study material they need to strengthen.