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I passed! Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I have long way to go...After series 7 I have to get 24, 65. Because of your excellent service and customer care, I want to stay with STC. Have a great day!!

Good Afternoon Dave, I took your class this week and let me again say thank you. It was very clear to me how much you love your job and that you truly care about all of us passing, which I'm not sure I can say about some of the other testing companies I've previously used. Again, thank you for your hard work this week and I look forward to speaking to you soon to tell you I passed. I promise you will be third on my list of people to tell when I pass, just behind my girlfriend and dad, I'll even do it before my manager!

I just wanted to share my feedback on the Series 7 class that I took in NYC 8/1-8/4, with David Morris as the instructor. I found the class to be instrumental in my preparation for the exam. The content encompassed all the salient points that were important for the test, and David is a great instructor. He is very knowledgeable, engaging, breaks concepts down for easier understanding, and has great rapport with his students. I'm very happy to say that I passed the Series 7 test today, and I credit STC and David's instruction in ensuring that I had the necessary knowledge necessary for the test.

I took the Series 24 yesterday and passed with flying colors. I felt very confident as I was going through the exam. Thank you for the great review course and tips.

Bruce Walck was an excellent instructor!!! He was clear, engaging, and used the time efficiently to cover all the pertinent material over the 2 days of class. I would recommend Bruce as an instructor for any STC class.

I passed with a 79! The thought of failing and then having to study all over again was very motivating! I will say this -- I have used STC materials for 6 exams (Series 6, 7, 63, 65, 24, and MA State Insurance) and I have passed on the first attempt every time. As I look back, one of the main reasons for my success are those practice exams. I have always felt that the STC practice exams are more challenging than the actual exams themselves. So, preparing that way is MOST beneficial. I will also say that for my recent exams (the 7 and the 24), the review course was a HUGE benefit. The content for those exams is a lot greater, and having it organized the way the STC does in the review courses was a major plus. So, thank you.

The STC Series 7 class clarified many topics (options, bonds, etc.) and made my life much easier! Alan was great - entertaining and knowledgable. He gave lots of hints and extra information that I found helpful. I am praying Alan teaches a 66 class! I already improved 7pts on my practice tests and feel confident that I will pass the exam.

Very, very good material - easy to read, made options a dream. See you for my 66, 6 and everything else!

Dave Morris was an excellent instructor. He brought a lot of energy to his teaching and he clearly understood the material inside and out. He was SO willing to explain any question; he is truly a teacher in every sense of the word.

I passed the Series 7 exam with an 82%. The class was very helpful as I was scoring in the 60's before I started this class. The handout we received in class was extremely helpful - I used it as one of my main studying tools leading up to the exam. The crunch time facts sheet was also very useful as it gave me something easily digestible to look at in bed/right before the exam. The facts on the sheet definitely helped me answer many of the questions correctly. Thank you, STC!

The powerpoint deck provided was a great outline of the book and we were given supplemental handouts. It's very helpful hearing the material and doing live examples in class. I was very impressed with this course. I have a much better understanding than I did from just reading the study material. I am very glad I signed up for this class. Thank you, STC.

Both Bill Lucas and Gigs Stephenson were enthusiastic and helpful instructors. They helped distill complex topics. The written materials distributed in class were comprehensive, yet easy to understand. The in-class review has made a big difference. My practice test scores prove it!

All of the instructors were great and in the live class, Dave was wonderful. Through the virtual course, there was an amazing amount of material and support offered. I found the On-Demand lectures to be the most helpful to me. I was able to go over topics I needed some more time on. The test and questions were very helpful. There was so much offered in this course and all the instructors were amazing, patient, and clear. I feel so comfortable about taking the exam. I will be telling everyone at my firm to participate in this program. There was more than enough material. Again, the support and positive attitude of all the instructors and hotline folks was incredible. The only way I can fail my exam would be by not putting in the work on my end. A+!!

I really want to thank Sharon Acord from STC for her patience and kindness in dealing with a situation. This is not the first time STC has gone above and beyond, and it certainly highlights the reason why we will continue to use your company. It does not just come down to "well you paid the money," it always seems to be that you want these individuals to learn and pass their exams. Perhaps I should not be amazed by such high quality of service, but in today’s world, I truly am. Thank you again.

I wanted to let you know I took my series 24 test in May 15th and got an 80. I have tried two other vendors and had taken the test once before - got a 67. I was very impressed with both the training content as well as the instructor who lead the class. Out of the three vendors I tried, STC by far has the best overall program to prepare me for the test. Thank you.