STC General Securities College Program

More than Test Prep - It’s Life Prep

Equip your students for a career in finance with the Securities Training Corporation (STC) General Securities College Program. As the leader in financial services training, we partner with educational institutions to help students launch their careers and prepare for their securities examinations. Designed to complement your academic coursework, our program accelerates job placement which ensures that both your students and institution succeed.


Helping Schools

This is more than test prep - the STC General Securities College Program provides real world experience that helps your students prepare for life beyond the classroom.


Helping Financial Institutions

Partnering with STC and schools can help you build a pipeline of quality candidates who are ready to step into your business upon graduation and make an impact.


Helping Students

Traditional courses in economics and finance provide students with foundational theory, but providing practical insights into analyzing, selling, and trading financial products can be challenging. With the STC General Securities College Program, students will use the same materials that are developed to train Wall Street professionals.


How it Works

STC is your partner in the classroom and beyond. Whether you need help  navigating the instructional approval process, developing curriculum, or reaching prospective students, we’re committed to helping you succeed. We offer state of the art learning tools and help you develop a robust program that meets the needs of your students and your institution.


Student Portal

Order your class materials through our online portal.


Who we are

Securities Training Corporation (STC) is the leading provider of training for the securities industry licensing exams. Since 1969, we’ve helped over one million professionals pass the licensing exams that are required to work in the industry.

In 2014, STC launched a Series 7-based course for college students who are seeking to enter the securities industry upon graduation. The program connects schools and top financial firms to develop a steady stream of qualified candidates to meet the growing demand for Financial Services professionals.

By 2017, STC’s University Program has grown to include seven corporate sponsors and offers the program to 20 HBCU schools with more than 50 colleges and universities in total.