Securities Licensing Exam Prep

We have helped over 1 million securities professionals pass FINRA qualifying exams, now it’s your turn.

Solutions to prepare you to pass the licensing exam the first time

We have spent nearly five decades developing a broad range of study materials, prep tests and support services to provide you with options that fit your learning style and get you well prepared to pass the exam the first time.


There is nothing like the dynamics of the live classroom environment to accelerate learning and provide students with a chance to explore key topics and improve test-taking techniques. STC offers public classes nationwide in more than 42 locations.

Virtual Class

STC takes Internet training to the next level by combining the efficiency of online learning with the interaction of a live instructor. Students are able to experience a live class from the comfort and convenience of their home or desired location.

On-Demand Training

Pre-recorded lectures that students can watch at their convenience while proceeding at their desired pace. These lectures can be accessed on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Take our class on your schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Online Flashcards

Online flashcards can be used as an additional study option to your training program. They can be organized by course, chapter or FINRA exam sections. This study tool allows you to test yourself whenever, wherever you have internet.

Study Manual (Textbook)

Our comprehensive printed study manual allows for interactive, exam-focused learning. If you’re a textbook learner, this is for you.

Online Final Exams

Students take Online Final Exams using our Q&A method, receiving immediate feedback after each question, create their own topic exams, and then in test mode to experience the Regulatory Examination. A Diagnostic Program pinpoints areas of weakness, so they can focus their attention on just those areas that require additional study.

Training on our App

Learn on the go with access to your lectures, flashcards, practice exams all in your phone. And, it syncs in real-time with your online dashboard.

Private Tutoring

Need additional help on a particular subject? Contact STC at (800) 782-1223 and press 1 to set up an appointment or email us at to get one-on-one or group sessions.

Learn About Our Corporate Solutions

Is your company looking for a turn-key program that lets you stay in control of the process and progress? Learn more about how STC can accommodate your group with classes designed to let the whole office take their career to the next level.

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