Student Tracking

New student performance manager

Student Tracking

The student progress information you want and need has never been easier to obtain and mangage. Everything can be found in one convenient, intuitive interface. The ability to manage individual students or groups is now just key stroke or click away.

New Student Performance Manager

Discover more ways than ever to view and manage your associates progress.Securities Training Corporation (STC) understands the more student tracking information you know, the better you can optimize their path to licensing.

Flex-tracking, more options & information

A new tool for a complete view of your associates progress

Flexible Tracking

Review a single student or an entire class. Track each portion of training: study manual, final exams, progress exams, and custom exams.

Easy Interface

Clean, intuitive tile design makes it simple to find students and track their progress.

Mobile Friendly

Review students with the ease of your mobile devices—anywhere.

Information Updates

Review comprehensive updates on your students information and current test scores at your fingertips.

Progress Monitoring

View class progress for any portion of training. Know when students are using their resources like: online study manuals and progress exams.

Student Manager

Easily move students between tracking classes or remove student from your report.

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