Series 57 Exam Prep

The Series 57 Exam qualifies a person to perform the functions of a securities trader. To pass the licensing exam on the first attempt, choose STC as your training provider. With STC, you’re provided with comprehensive study materials, multiple technology tools, and access to the industry’s best instructors who are ready to ensure your success. Although taking a class is always a great approach, STC understands that people learn differently. For that reason, you can choose from three different Exam Prep Packages to find the one that fits your individual needs.

Exam Details: 45 Hours Prep Time │ 1.75-Hour Exam │ 50 Questions │ 70% Min. Passing Score

Series 57 Exam Prep Packages

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Our extensive library of online courses include include free learning aides, multimedia components and are iPad compatible.

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Series 10 Standard

Series 6 Top-Off Standard

Series 50 Standard

Series 57 Top-Off Standard

Series 53 Standard

Series 86 Standard

Series 66 Standard

Series 63 Standard

Series 31 Premier

Series 7 Top-Off Standard

Series 9 Standard

Series 52 Top-Off Standard

Series 4 Standard

Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Digital E-Course

Series 79 Top-Off Standard

Series 3 Standard

Series 51 Standard

Series 14 Standard

Series 27 Standard

Series 16 Standard Part 1

Series 87 Standard

Chartered Financial Analyst Level I Standard

Series 31 Standard

Series 65 Standard

Series 30 Standard

Series 26 Standard

Series 54 Standard

Series 99 Top-Off Standard

Series 32 Standard

Series 24 Standard

Series 99 Top-Off Premier

Series 99 Top-Off Premier Plus

Series 7 Top-Off Premier

Series 52 Top-Off Premier

Series 54 Premier

Series 79 Top-Off Premier

Series 6 Top-Off Premier

Series 65 Premier

Series 57 Top-Off Premier

Series 66 Premier

Series 3 Premier

Series 86 Premier

Series 16 Standard Part 2

Chartered Financial Analyst Level I Premier

Series 24 Premier

Series 26 Premier

Series 30 Premier

Series 50 Premier

Series 87 Premier

Series 9 Premier

Series 53 Premier

Series 63 Premier

Series 27 Premier

Series 4 Premier

Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Premier

Series 10 Premier

Series 3 Premier Plus

Series 54 Premier Plus

Series 65 Premier Plus

Series 27 Premier Plus

Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Premier Plus

Series 86 Premier Plus

Ethics & Professional Responsibility 6 Hour IAR CE Bundle

Series 10 Premier Plus

Series 16 Standard Parts 1 & 2

Series 24 Premier Plus

Series 66 Premier Plus

Series 63 Premier Plus

Series 9 Premier Plus

Series 7 Top-Off Premier Plus

Series 79 Top-Off Premier Plus

Series 6 Top-Off Premier Plus

Series 57 Top-Off Premier Plus

SIE/Series 7 Top-Off Standard

Series 86/87 Standard

SIE/Series 6 Top-Off Standard

Series 9/10 Standard

SIE/Series 79 Top-Off Standard

SIE/Series 6 Top-Off Premier

Series 86/87 Premier

Series 9/10 Premier

SIE/Series 79 Top-Off Premier

SIE/Series 7 Top-Off Premier

SIE/Series 79 Top-Off Premier Plus

Series 9/10 Premier Plus

SIE/Series 7 Top-Off Premier Plus

SIE/Series 6 Top-Off Premier Plus