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Access to expanded career opportunities is one of the many benefits of a college education. The challenge for students is the difficulties they encounter once they graduate and begin to pursue their career goals. Many graduates are frustrated by the fact that a college degree does not guarantee meaningful, well-paid employment.

The Securities Training Corporation University Program provides practical knowledge that helps students compete in an industry where the demand for college graduate-level positions often far exceeds the supply.

*Participation in the college program allows sponsoring firms to review student contact information and scores within this program. Businesses use the student information to recruit students who participate in the program. Student information is only shared with the college's sponsoring firm. 



Our 24-chapter textbook is based on the outline for FINRA’s General Securities Representative Qualification Examination (Series 7), the most commonly held registration in the U.S. securities industry. The material covers equity, debt, mutual funds, variable insurance products, limited partnerships and derivative securities, operations of the primary and secondary markets, securities analysis, and the rules and regulations that govern business conduct in the securities industry.


Quizzes and Exams

Questions are included at the end of each chapter to test your retention of the material. The program also includes eight 25-question progress quizzes that cover an average of three chapters each, and a comprehensive final exam of 125 questions. Quizzes and exams are updated each semester. All questions are multiple choice, and may be supplemented with appropriate essay questions, as required.



STC has trained more than one million financial services professionals. With a list of clients that includes the major domestic and multinational financial institutions, STC is recognized as the leader in financial services education and training.