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Is the financial services industry becoming more democratic?

  Crowdfunding, crowdlending and crowd equity. These terms did not exist a decade ago, but now they represent some of the hottest trends in the securities industry. While digital platforms have opened new opportunities and realms for investors, there will always be a need…

the financial services industry is becoming more relationship oriented

Why The Financial Services Industry is Becoming More Relationship Focused

Why The Financial Services Industry is Becoming More Relationship Focused Robo-advisers have been capturing an increasing share of the financial services business. In financial services, rapid changes in how securities are traded, monitored and researched have made it imperative for financial advisers to understand…

CRM-The Swiss Army Knife for Financial Services Advisers

CRM-The Swiss Army Knife for Financial Advisors

Data, data, data. You can’t read an article or listen to a newscast without someone mentioning the mounds of data which companies have access to and use to refine customer experiences. Did you know that you could have access to data about your clients…

brokerage recruiting landscape

An Interesting Brokerage Recruiting Landscape

The brokerage recruiting industry has undergone some dramatic upheavals in the past year that will undoubtedly affect the landscape for years to come. These upheavals, according to Diamond Consulting, are all based on one factor: control. Advisors are constantly trying to be in control…

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The Tech You Need to Get Started as a Financial Planner

Technology is a must-have for a financial planner. Clients expect it. Plus, it will make your job easier and let your staff concentrate on more important issues. Need more convincing? According to a Fidelity Investments survey, 53 percent of Gen X/Y millionaires say they…