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In order to become a certified Financial Risk Manager, you need to pass two
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experience in a field related to risk management.

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FAQs about the FRM Exam​

When can I take the FRM exam?​

Part I exams are given three times a year, in May, August, and November. Part II exams are given twice a year, in May and November.

What are the costs to becoming a FRM?

Registration prices vary based on the exam administration and whether the candidate is enrolling for the first time. Please refer to the GARP FRM Fees and Payments page for a more detailed pricing breakdown.

What experience do I need to register?

There are no educational or professional prerequisites needed to register for the FRM exam.

What are the requirements for the FRM Certificate?

  • Pass the FRM Exam Part I

  • Pass the FRM Exam Part II by December 31 of the fourth year of passing the FRM Part I

  • Submit two years of full-time relevant financial risk management work experience

How much study time is required for each exam?

According to the GARP, candidates should study at least 200–240 hours for each part of the exam, or 400–480 hours total.

What are the pass rates for FRM exams?

It’s the most esteemed and widely accepted risk management certification. The pass rates for the November 2021 FRM Exam was 45% for Part I and 63% for Part II. Since 2013, the pass rates have averaged between 40 to 60 percent.

What is the average salary for someone with an FRM Certificate?

According to ZipRecruiter, the annual salary for a professional who works in financial risk is anywhere from $94k - $143k annually.

What is the minimum passing score?

There is no such fixed defined minimum passing score set by the institute [GARP] as a minimum passing percentage. As highlighted by the institute, around 46% is the pass percentage for FRM level 1 and this passing percentage keeps fluctuating between 40% – 60%. every year.

How can I submit my work experience?

After a candidate receives an email notification that they passed the FRM Exam Part II, they will be prompted to submit two years of full-time work experience in their GARP account. Candidates have five years from the date they pass the FRM Exam Part II to submit their professional experience or else they will have to retake the Exams and re-enroll in the program as a new candidate.

Once my work experience is approved, when can I expect my certificate to be sent?

Certificates are sent out the month following the approval date of your work experience submission. For example, a candidate whose work experience is approved on January 15 will have their certificate sent out by the end of February, if not sooner.

Once I obtain my FRM certificate, is participating in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mandatory?

FRMs are encouraged to participate in the program in order to stay up to date on current issues and maintain the advanced level of proficiency demonstrated during the certification process.

What are the CPD program requirements?

In order to successfully meet the program requirements, you will need to earn 40 credits (approximately 40 hours) every two years.

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