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All You Need to Know About Referral Marketing as a Financial Advisor

Marketers have always known word-of-mouth is the best way to sell many products and services, or what we call “referral marketing.” Referral marketing is what happens when someone recommends your business to their friends and family. Although this typically occurs through word of mouth,…

insurance licensing

As a Securities Professional, Why Should I Be Insurance Licensed?

Investment and insurance are intertwined in today’s approach to financial security. As the population ages and life expectancies increase, these two financial benefits have taken a natural turn toward interdependence. Your clients are likely beginning to lean toward a more holistic approach to financial…

Series 6 licensure

How Can a Series 6 License Help Grow Your Business?

A Series 6 provides financial advisors with the ability to offer holistic financial planning services. It entitles them to sell variable annuities, mutual funds and insurance. For conservative financial planning, Series 6 is essential. It provides all types of financial advisors, from insurance salespeople…

Investment advisor testing

What Is an Investment Advisor and How Are They Trained?

Investment advisors have one of the greatest jobs in the world: making money for clients. As clients make money, their advisors build wealth right alongside them. The work provides intellectual challenge and the excitement of building a good reputation and prosperous business. Despite the…

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Should Working as a Financial Advisor Be Your Second Career?

  The job market for financial advisors stands at a crossroads in 2018. Small independent firms and Big Four wirehouses alike face a difficult situation over the next decade. Mature, successful advisors are retiring in higher numbers, but young professionals, even recent college graduates,…

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Five Tips About Financial Advisor Websites

  There are more than 200,000 financial advisors in the U.S., but don’t let that deter you from joining the fast-growing industry. According to a 2017 report, “The Changing Face of Financial Advice” by Corporate Insight, financial advisor activity is at an all-time high.…