How to Help Your Financial Advisors Shorten the Road to Success

Are you looking for ways to shorten the road to success for your financial advisors (FAs)? In today’s competitive financial advising world, it’s ideal to help financial advisors succeed quickly, and firms are all over it.

Take a look at the following tips to help your FAs achieve faster success and keep up with the competition.

Pass the Series Exam with STC

Securities Training Corporation wants you and your financial advisors to succeed, which is why they are thrilled to offer stellar resources that help financial advisors study for and pass their Series Exam, even on the first go-around. They take pride in increasing students’ first-time pass rate as well as offering personalized study and training programs to make it possible for financial advisors to learn in the ways that best suit them. When your FAs utilize STC, they can quickly launch their new career and be ready to dominate the financial services world.

Build a first-year marketing plan

Whether your financial advisors build their own marketing plan or look to a professional marketing firm, having a first-year marketing plan is essential. According to Kacee Johnson, founder of Blue Ocean Principles, failing to have a proper marketing plan can flatline growth and deplete power. Therefore, it’s important to have your financial advisors dedicate 20% of their time each week toward their marketing plan.

An essential strategy of an effective marketing plan is having the proper advertising. More specifically, a great way to get their name out there is through social media advertising. Take advantage of boosted and sponsored posts to get your financial advisors’ messages in front of many.

Don’t forget about networking either. Networking is important for FAs to collaborate, learn and grow their business, so encourage your FAs to attend networking events and network online by finding local groups on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Attending seminars and referral networks are the last two pillars of supporting your financial advisors’ marketing plans. Encourage them to attend the appropriate seminars that not only teach them all they need to learn but also help them meet new people and network. They can also attend networking events where the sole purpose is to meet and connect with peers that can lead to future success.

Develop a business website

Having an online presence is imperative in this day and age. In fact, your FAs’ business websites are often the potential client’s first impression of them, and first impressions make all the difference. If your financial advisors’ websites mean business and show potential clients they’re ready to work, there is a greater chance those potential clients will continue onto the “contact us” pages and make the next move.

Another tip: Have your financial advisors add some personalized touches to their websites, like pictures and biographies. This can offer a warm, welcoming tone that can encourage clients to reach out.

When creating a website, your financial advisors can check out WordPress, Wix and Weebly.

Use SEO marketing to drive traffic to the website and blog posts

Now that your financial advisors have their own websites, it’s time to optimize. Having an SEO marketing strategy can drive the right audience to the websites and improve the sites’ page rankings on Google and other search engines. Some effective website optimization tools are Google Search Console, Yoast SEO and Page Speed Insights.

FAs can also bait traffic to their websites and boost their rankings by having a blog. By updating it at least once a month, it keeps the websites active to boost rankings. It even helps potential clients trust the FAs more, especially if the articles cover common concerns and showcase the FA’s expertise. Typically, your financial advisors can create a blog page by adding it in the back end of their websites.

Establish a reputation that leads to referrals

Your financial advisors’ reputations are everything in the financial services world. A good reputation can lead to countless referrals, and referrals have a huge impact on your FAs’ success and income. To promote a positive reputation, your FAs should:

  • Prove their expertise (but not in a know-it-all kind of way). The focus should always be on the clients and how the FAs’ knowledge can help them.
  • Go above and beyond for their current clients by answering questions, solving problems and staying up to date with clients’ lives.
  • Send season and offseason greetings to establish a stronger, more personal relationship.
  • Send out a regular newsletter to keep clients informed and keep up consistent communication.
  • Have pristine communication in general.

Having a positive reputation can help current clients feel comfortable recommending your financial advisors to their friends and family, sending more and more people their way.

By following these tips, you can help your FAs quickly achieve success. Get started today by contacting Securities Training Corporation. STC is excited to help your financial advisors pass the Series Exam and be on their way to a fulfilling career.

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