SIE exam study guide

Your Guide to Developing a Study Plan for the SIE Exam

  Passing the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam can be challenging, but it’s certainly less so with the right approach to study and preparation. Passing the SIE Exam is your first step to becoming a securities industry professional, so you need to know what’s…

Regulating Social Media

How FINRA Is Regulating Social Media

In today’s busy world full of technological advancements, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that investors are protected from false or misleading claims, exaggerated statements, and material omissions when social media is used as a means of communication. Although the different forms of social…

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Is the financial services industry becoming more democratic?

  Crowdfunding, crowdlending and crowd equity. These terms did not exist a decade ago, but now they represent some of the hottest trends in the securities industry. While digital platforms have opened new opportunities and realms for investors, there will always be a need…

FINRA’s 2019 Risk Monitoring and Examination Priorities

FINRA’s 2019 Risk Monitoring and Examination Priorities

  FINRA‘s 2019 Risk Monitoring and Examination Priorities Letter is out, and it highlights this year’s new priorities and identifying areas of ongoing concern that FINRA will focus on in the coming year. Priorities for 2019 include enforcement, trading or churning for quantitative suitability,…

FINRA Examination Process

FINRA’s Member Firm Examination Process

Updates to FINRA’s member firm examination process FINRA examiners have the difficult task of reviewing member firms and assessing risk. This association regulates more than 3,700 brokerages and 630,000 registered representatives in total. In order to help improve their member firm examination process, FINRA…

Benefits of the SIE Exam

Who Benefits from the SIE Exam?

Who Benefits from the SIE Exam? The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam presents an opportunity for anyone with a desire to work in the financial services industry to sit for an exam. This new test is the result of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority…