Your Guide to Developing a Study Plan for the SIE Exam

Passing the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam can be challenging, but it’s certainly less so with the right approach to study and preparation.

Passing the SIE Exam is your first step to becoming a securities industry professional, so you need to know what’s on the test to be prepared. As a basic overview, the exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, with an additional 10 random pre-test questions that don’t affect your overall score. You’re given one hour and 45 minutes to finish the test. Of the 75 questions, 12 cover capital markets; 33 are based on products and their associated risks; 23 related to customer accounts, trading and prohibited activities; and then 7 will focus on regulatory rules.

For more details about what’s on the test, check out the SIE Exam content outline on the FINRA website. take a look at some of these things you can use for a SIE exam study guide

Studying for the SIE Exam

As the springboard to your financial industry career, it’s very important to study efficiently for the SIE Exam. Achievable Blog recommends studying for 20 to 50 hours and for approximately two months. However, if you have experience in the field, you can expect your study time to be less than that. Review the FINRA content outline to get a full understanding of the test’s structure and content. This can help you by identifying what you should study.

Helpful resources for study include study manuals, such as the one provided by STC —Securities Industry Essentials Examination Course: SIE Exam Prep and also Pass the SIE. Some test-takers find that creating and studying flashcards promotes information retention. Another helpful idea is to teach what you know to a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. This process can increase your knowledge and retention of the information.

Once you feel confident in your knowledge of the material, make it a priority to take practice tests. Many are available, including one that’s offered by FINRA. As you take these tests, set a goal of scoring 80% or higher. This will not only give you some confidence on testing day, it can also help you achieve a higher score on the actual test.

Testing Day Tips

According to FINRA, it’s best to arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early so you have enough time to check in. You’ll need to bring one government-issued form of identification that has your signature and picture. This can be your driver’s license, military ID, or passport. Make sure the name on your ID is the exact same name that appears on your test. You may be asked to give the email address you used to register.

Before being allowed to test, you should be prepared to empty your pockets and place your personal belongings in a locker. After you store your items, you’ll have your picture taken, your ID will be scanned, and you’ll be asked to go through a fingerprinting process. For more about SIE Exam testing rules and regulations, visit

All in all, listen to your mind and body. Take breaks when you need to, get the rest you need, eat brain-healthy food, drink plenty of water, and study until you feel confident in the material.

For more information on how to properly study for and pass the SIE Exam, contact Securities Training Corporation. Get the resources you need to create a SIE exam study guide and to guarantee the best studying and testing experience possible.

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