How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruiting Efforts

How to improve your recruiting process

If you’re wondering how to recruit the best employees, start here. What does your recruitment style boil down to? The hiring process is a competitive market that favors job-seekers. You need to market yourself to the candidate just as much as they are selling themselves to you. In this article, we propose some of the best strategies to make your recruiting efforts more attractive to employees.

Focus on your current employees

The best way to attract prime candidates is to cultivate a thriving company culture. Encourage your employees to publish on LinkedIn and write company reviews on sites like By focusing on your internal culture and maintaining employee satisfaction, a strong employer brand develops naturally. This makes your company desirable to potential candidates.

Start with the candidate in mind

The hiring process is a two-way conversation. Your company’s website and the job application should clearly describe who you are, your vision, work culture and the employee value proposition (EVP). This, along with current employee’s social media use, provides a glimpse of what a candidate’s role will be in their new environment.

Develop an employee value proposition (EVP)

An EVP describes the unique offerings and values influencing your most desirable candidates. Thoroughly discuss the EVP with the candidate before hiring. A well-rounded EVP includes the following:

  • Compensation (e.g., starting salary and annual performance reviews)
  • Benefits (PTO, holidays, insurance, retirement, flexibility)
  • Career (stability, training and education, evaluation and feedback, workplace mobility)
  • Work environment (recognition, autonomy, work-life balance, roles and responsibility)
  • Culture (company’s goals and plans, colleagues, managers, collaboration, social responsibility)

Utilize innovative and trending recruitment strategies

To set yourself apart from the competition, you need to employ emotional intelligence in the hiring process. Listed below are several trending recruitment strategies that can be used to grow a strong internal team.

  • Employ a collaborative hiring process through internal referrals
  • Practice recruitment marketing through your EVP
  • Implement AI for candidate sourcing and customized EVPs
  • Embrace a flexible workforce including remote and freelance workers
  • Incorporate diversity hiring for increased productivity and employee retention
  • Hire candidates with excellent soft skills
  • Actively post on social media to create a strong employer brand
  • Utilize social media as a candidate vetting process
  • Optimize your applications for mobile device use
  • Expand your search to increase your candidate pool
  • Streamline your hiring process

Be personal

Good employers make the hiring process simple. Keep regular contact throughout the interview process. It is also beneficial to involve your C-suite in the hiring process to share your company’s mission.

This gives the candidate insight into your work culture and managerial styles. Acknowledge candidates’ soft skills during the hiring process. These skills translate into valuable long-term employees and don’t shift with industry trends.

What do employees want from a business In 2020?

With technology changes and a surge of millennials in the workforce, what employees want from a business has shifted. There are several key trends you should have on your radar for hiring in 2020.

  • Offer a good work-life balance
  • Focus on monetary rewards such as annual performance reviews and bonuses
  • Bridge the skills gap with training and education opportunities
  • Utilize new technology and advancements
  • Give positive feedback and recognition
  • Allow remote offices
  • Use results-based recruitment
  • Include opportunities for employee idea proposals

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