How to Snag a Financial Services Internship

If you’re looking to get into the financial services industry, there’s no better way than an internship. However, internships in financial services are often competitive and scarce, which can make snagging one difficult. Today, we’ll cover how you can make yourself an attractive candidate for a financial services internships and make headway in your dream career.

The financial services industry offers many benefits, according to Balance Careers, like generous compensation, opportunities for advancement, plenty of job availability, exciting workdays and more.

If you’re an ambitious and energetic person who is excited about numbers, then a financial career could be right for you. One of the best ways to know for sure is by participating in an internship.

Types of financial services internships

According to AllAbout Finance Careers, there are four types of financial services internships:

Bank internships. This is a great place to start if you’re interested in finance but you’re not sure where to focus your career. You’ll likely work in the main financial branches of retail banks.

Investment and securities internships. This is one of the most sought-after internships available, and it will usually involve working in a fast-paced investment firm and understanding the stock market.

Actuarial and insurance internships. Throughout this internship, you can expect to assess companies, protect the company’s assets or work with insurance.

Accounting internships. Accounting internships are widely available. During this internship, you’ll assist with accounts and generate invoices.

How to land the best internship for your career

Medium has some great tips to help you snag the internship:

Build a great resume

Your resume is very important, so invest some time in it. Keep things simple and clean, and make sure everything is aligned neatly. It’s best to use a classic and professional font that is no less than 10 points.

Write an engaging cover letter.

Try to keep your cover letter to a half a page, focusing the content on your previous work experience and how it relates to the internship you want. Remember to include the date and your contact information at the top of the page.


Networking can definitely land you an internship. So, network effectively by attending and involving yourself in as many networking events as you can. Then, reach out to the contacts you made and maintain the relationships.

Prepare for a successful interview

Make sure to prepare for your interview by thinking about answers to questions like: “Tell me about yourself” and “Why did you choose this firm?”

During the interview, show your personality, relax and remember that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t land that internship. This can help you remain at ease, which can increase your chances of success. Finally, ask questions at the end of the interview, like “What projects are interns typically involved in?” “What skills do you hope interns learn?” and “How do interns interact with everyone involved?”

To learn more about how to snag the financial services internship that can help you launch your career, please contact Securities Training Corporation. They have the resources and tips you need to successfully meet your goals.


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