The Best Financial Services and Securities Jobs to Know About in 2022

In 2022, experts predict that hiring activity will increase. So, if you’re looking for a new job, you’ll have a higher chance of finding something you love in 2022. For those interested in financial services and securities jobs, there are a handful of positions you should keep an eye out for.

Because of COVID-19, many companies have openings they are looking to fill fast. 2022 is the time to snag them. According to US News, Indeed, The Muse, and Investopedia, some of the best finance and securities jobs to pursue in 2022 are as follows.

Financial Manager, Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst

A financial manager is someone who works with companies to make sure all finances are taken care of. They work closely with managers and analyze the financial data, create reports, and suggest the next steps for the best financial future for the company. Some specialize in risk, insurance, and credit, and their average salary is $108,475.

A financial advisor is someone who works one-on-one with people to help them properly manage their money. When considering the individual’s financial situation, they make recommendations to enable them to reach their long-term goals, like retirement and college. Then they help them monitor their spending and track their performance. Some advisors can identify financial goals, review and provide insurance needs (more qualifications needed), and offer tax guidance. The average salary is $88,890.

As someone who can manage mutual funds, oversee portfolios, and analyze the risk for certain investments, a financial analyst can work with both individuals and companies. Some can specialize in watching and following trends in the markets. The average salary is $85,660.

Investment Banker

Primarily, an investment banker helps companies raise money by issuing debt and selling equity. However, this person can wear multiple hats when qualified. For example, they can deal with underwriting, venture capital, and more. The average salary is $80,540.

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst is someone who does their research, collects information, and analyzes assets (like bonds, stocks, currencies, and commodities) to help companies make the best investment decisions. The analyst presents their data to the investment team and helps make a decision on the best strategy. The average salary is $96,222.

Hedge Fund Analyst

A hedge fund analyst is someone who does research that aligns with the trading mandate and strategy to find the best assets to trade with the fund’s money. After research, the analyst recommends which deals to carry out. However, the company’s trading team will execute everything. The average salary is $92,599.

Private Equity Analyst

A private equity analyst is someone who also does their research on the best moves to make in regard to equity trading. They consider strategies and find opportunities that align with goals, and they present the information to the right teams. Then, based on research, they make suggestions on the next steps. The average salary is $86,291.

Prepare for Financial Services and Securities Jobs

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