How to Help Employees Pass Their Licensing Exams the First Time

Many firms may view the licensing exam as an obstacle when trying to onboard a new team of financial advisors. Though it involves time and resources, the exam is a vital part of building industry credentials that clients trust. To expedite the process and get your team up and running, offer them essential study advice and utilize Securities Training Corporation’s (STC) best-in-industry exam preparation services.

Encourage employees to practice good study habits

As with any other exam, passing the Securities Industry Essentials Exam (SIE) and/or financial securities licensing exams takes preparation and proper study. To ensure your employees pass with flying colors, encourage them to practice good study habits.

• Help employees establish a study plan and allot routine blocks of time for study sessions that help them absorb the material they need to learn.

• Encourage frequent study and discourage cramming — spacing out study sessions avoids information overload and is beneficial for retaining the knowledge they’ll need to pass the test the first time they take it.

• Offer techniques to help them stay organized and efficient as they learn the material. Suggest study aids, such as flashcards and other memorization techniques, to boost memory.

Professional exams are definitely not the type of tests you want your employees to take on the fly, but you do want to get them licensed as soon as possible. The stronger their advance preparation, the better armed they’ll be to pass the first time.

Offer to help with practice tests

Exam resources are a great way to strengthen an employee’s knowledge and confidence when it comes to taking FINRA Licensing Exams. To bolster their chances of success, encourage them to take practice tests — and take them often.

• Practice exams familiarize them with the structure and layout of the questions they’ll need to answer.

• Ask them to treat practice exams like real tests and budget time for each question. This means not spending too much time on harder questions or ones they don’t know the answer to. Encourage them to first answer questions they do know and then return to the others when they’ve completed sections of the test they’re confident about.

• Share any knowledge or tips you have about the test-taking process so they’ll feel comfortable when the big day comes.

The repetition associated with practice tests can go a long way toward retaining information needed to pass.

Help employees manage stress

Taking professional licensing exams is stressful, so help your employees put a realistic plan into place. Keep in mind that they’ll be balancing a job, family, and other responsibilities with study time. You don’t want them to become overwhelmed or burned out.

• Provide adequate time during the workday to help prepare so they have a better work-life balance in the time leading up to the exam.

• Don’t overwhelm them with tasks or other projects while they are preparing for the exam(s).

• Encourage breaks for lunch and be sure they leave work on time so they have enough time for proper meals, sleep, exercise and leisure time.

If your employees are able to take good care of themselves, they’ll be in their best emotional, physical and mental states. On the other hand, if they’ve neglected themselves or overworked in the months and weeks leading up to their licensing exam(s), they’ll be at a significant disadvantage that may disrupt their ability to pass.

Utilize STC’s exam prep

Perhaps most importantly, encourage your employees to believe their preparation guarantees a passing grade. STC’s qualified education training helps professionals prepare for the FINRA, NASAA, MSRB, and Life, Accident and Health exams. Our program includes:

• A variety of study options.

• Live and virtual classes.

• On-demand lectures.

• A study manual (digital and print).

• A mobile app (iOS).

With our robust tools and support, you can help your employees create a customized study plan to help them prepare for their licensing exams. Our study approach and materials are applicable to requirements in all 50 states.

Retesting leads to significant delays, limiting your business. If employees don’t pass the test the first time, they must wait 30 days to retest, and another 30 days if they fail a second time. Candidates who fail the third time must wait 180 days to retest. However, helping your employees put effort into test prep can prevent these delays.

In our 50-year history, STC has created an innovative approach to helping professionals entering these regulated industry spaces. We have the highest pass rate in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our exam prep program and see how we can help you quickly get your employees up to speed and licensed.

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