STC Has Upgraded The Dashboard Experience

STC Upgrade

 STC Has Upgraded the Dashboard Experience

We have listened to students concerns and have launched new upgrades to the student experience

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Completion status of each product is now displayed
  • Dashboard now supports LAH Certificate courses
  • Dashboard now supports LAH Locked states
  • Expiration Date now displayed for products set to six months
  • Expandable course card replaces previous button
  • Internet Explorer users get a new and complete user experience.

My Scores Enhancements

  • Custom exams results page is now connected to exam name
  • Students will see start date and time in exam
  • All of your Progress, Final and Custom Exams allow you to zoom in and see your results

Enhancements to Student Performance Manager

  • Our real time reporting tool is even faster
  • Students can be added to classes in fewer clicks than before
  • Our View Class button is now called Add/Move Students To This Class
  • Our pull down navigation bars now make it even easier to find student data
  • SPM is now mobile optimized so you can see your students on the go.


Coming Soon..
    • Invoice/ Billing Option
    • Additional Certified LAH