The Top 12 Digital Tools for Financial Advisors

In the digital world today, it’s essential to utilize the latest technology to not only provide increased value to your clients as a financial advisor but to also save time and increase productivity. You might be asking yourself: How can the innovations in digital financial management transform me into a better financial advisor? Take a look at these 12 digital tools to find out.

Nest Egg Estimator

The Nest Egg Estimator is a Google application that essentially allows you to see into your client’s future in retirement. This tool projects your client’s finances and explains details regarding their income, debt, taxes and assets. The best part: You can enter possible scenarios, like a career change, and it will give you details to help your client know what to expect.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond wealth platform paints your client’s wealth picture with many top-of-the-line tools and integrations. With this technology, you can be on top of your client’s investments and help them make confident financial decisions.

Black Diamond mobile app

This application partners with the Black Diamond wealth platform, but it’s for the client. The Black Diamond mobile app is one of the best ways to keep your client informed on all things related to their account and portfolio. It also offers a communication system that you can use to collaborate with your client, making all communications simple and secure.


If you use social media as a marketing strategy, Hootsuite is your friend. This application makes social media managing much easier, especially if you have accounts on different platforms. Hootsuite brings each of your accounts to one platform where you can plan, create and even schedule your posts so that you can streamline your marketing to reach more people effectively.

Paladin Research and Registry

This platform can help put your name in front of people searching for a financial advisor. This directory is full of recommended credible advisors, and many clients turn to it when choosing their new advisor. After paying a fee, the organization will rate you according to education, experience and certifications. Then, pass the Paladin screening, and you can snag a spot on the registry.


Dropbox is a reliable and popular system that allows you to connect with your client and share important information from anywhere. It’s a cloud-based back-up service that helps you stay organized and in sync with your client.

Precise FP

If you’re tired of gathering data, Precise FP is here to free you of the tedious task. In fact, this application creates accurate, user-friendly forms with all the information you need in just a few simple clicks after your client inputs the appropriate information.


Use your time for more productive tasks by utilizing the Bookeo application. Instead of spending several minutes (even hours) scheduling appointments with your clients and staff, Bookeo schedules them for you. It even gathers all the information you need, like names, emails, phone numbers and addresses.

Google Alerts

An online presence is important in this day and age, which is why it’s best to stay on top of the content that is shared with you. Google Alerts helps you do just that. In fact, whenever your name or business is mentioned online, you’ll receive a notification. That way, you can monitor your online reputation.

CRM software

CRM software, or client relationship management software, is your right-hand man. It keeps track of all your clients and stores their information in one place. It also holds notes from your previous conversations and helps you remember the little details, like your client’s favorite baseball team or their children’s birthdays.

Website builder

If you don’t have a website by now, get one. A website is your online foundation and works for you 24/7, giving potential clients information about you and your business. To check out a few website-building options, you can visit Weebly, Wix and WordPress.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing: A way of being together without actually being together. Having meetings via video conferencing allows you to talk with your clients intimately without dealing with physical meeting arrangements. It also helps you resolve logistical issues all while providing a trusted conversation.

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