How to Strategically Market Your Business as a Financial Advisor

Best Marketing Strategies For Finance

For any financial advisor, knowing the ins and outs of marketing is important. After all, attracting customers – and keeping them- is the lifeblood of any business.

The most successful financial advisors know the strategies critical to running a successful and accelerated marketing campaign. Marketing 360 lists marketing strategies. Here are the top seven:

No. 1: Refine Your Website

Your website is like a handshake; it makes a first impression that will last forever. Invest in your website and refine it. Ensure it correctly conveys your message and it meets professional expectations.

No. 2: Specialize

Specialization can help you land specific clients. Rather than offering a wide array of services like many other financial advisors, set yourself apart by focusing on a specialty.

No. 3: Keep Content Understandable

Keep the content in your campaign simple, understandable and relatable. If you use complicated financial jargon, your audience will feel overwhelmed and turn away.

No. 4: Get Reviews

Reviews are like referrals, and referrals are huge for your business. If you have great reviews, clients will be quicker to go to you for business.

No. 5: Optimize Your Website

Use SEO and PPC campaigns to get your website on the first page of the search engines. Being on the first page can greatly increase your success, so don’t skimp on your website optimization.

No. 6: Publish Video Content

People love videos because they help us better understand a subject. Publish informational or personal videos on your website. This can give your site personality and it can diversify you from other financial advisors.

No. 7: Market on Social Media

Social media is a very effective way to market. It gives your brand a voice and helps you relate to your clients. Create your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and use them often.

Demographics are key for financial advisors

Choose a specific demographic that is more relatable to what you offer instead of seeing the world as your target audience. Find people who are looking for your services.

According to Lead Pilot, targeting a specific market niche can help you more effectively spend your time and efforts and increase your success.

Refine your marketing campaign to grow your business

With your marketing strategy on course, it’s time to refine your campaign and help your business grow. offers these tips:

  • Test your landing pages. If your website is not working correctly, you’re wasting your money and missing out on opportunities. Test your pages using Google Analytics or a third-party tool that can simplify the process.
  • Decide which message you want to send. Use a simple message, or brand, that your audience will understand, and stay consistent with that message.
  • Select certain communication tactics. Choose the best way to communicate and interact with your clients. Decide which communication strategy you’re going to use and the response time necessary. This can improve customer service and give your business a positive reputation.

Running a successful marketing campaign is a great way to get your name out there and help the business grow. Through the services offered by Securities Training Corporation, financial advisors can achieve better results from their marketing activities.

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