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high-quality management

Invest In High-Quality Management. It’ll Pay Off

Did you know 71% of employees are currently looking for a new job? It’s true, and it’s primarily attributed to inadequate management. But there’s good news: Increasing the quality of your management team can increase your business’s chance of success as well as skyrocket…

Advantage of Continuing Education

How to Take Advantage of Continuing Education

  So, your business recently started offering continuing education (CE) opportunities for employees. That’s fantastic! However, continuing education opportunities can be deceptively attractive and your employees may end up wasting their time working with material that won’t actually help them advance their careers. If…

job interview

Nail Your Finance Job Interview

You’ve done it all – pushed through the education, passed exams, received licenses, completed internships and sent out applications. At this point, there’s only one thing left to do before you become a full-blown financial services professional: ace the interview. Today, we’ll give you…


STC Is Training Students Not Just For Today

Securities Training Corporation (STC) training develops students not just for today but to the everchanging landscape of the financial services and insurance industry. Todd Rosenfeld and John Marucco will take you on a tour of how STC is leveraging higher education and technology combined…

Continuing Education

See Our Updated Continuing Education Training (Webinar)

  STC has developed several programs to meet the needs of the busy financial services professional. Our Continuing Education Department is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complexities of compliance and training requirements. With our continuing education programs, you can meet your continuing…

insurance industry trends in technology

How the insurance industry will look in 5 years

Insurance industry trends in technology are putting individuals in the driver’s seat. Vehicle telematics devices can tailor auto policy rates to individuals, track behavior changes in real-time and open up new opportunities for targeted marketing. For insurers, this all translates to more profitability and…

recruiting techniques

How to Get More Out of Your Recruitment Efforts

Today’s job seekers live in an online world. In searching for the right candidates, social media can help identify those with the requisite skills and interests. It also provides key insights into the candidate’s motivations and needs, which can help in creating an attractive…

the financial services industry is becoming more relationship oriented

Why The Financial Services Industry is Becoming More Relationship Focused

Why The Financial Services Industry is Becoming More Relationship Focused Robo-advisers have been capturing an increasing share of the financial services business. In financial services, rapid changes in how securities are traded, monitored and researched have made it imperative for financial advisers to understand…