Student Performance Manager: A Better Way to Help Your Students

A new tool for a complete
view of your associates’ progress…
Student Performance Manager
The more information you know the better

you can optimize their path to success


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User-Friendly Tools
  • A simple tile layout makes it easy to navigate reports.
  • Easily add students individually or add them in bulk via excel.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Simply remove students from your reports and archive your classes if needed.
  • Receive comprehensive updates for students, course information, and current test scores

Precise Tracking System
  • Review the progress of an entire class or view an individual student.
  • Our student indicator feature will help you track any students growth.
  • Understand your students’ strengths and weakness
  • View any class’ progress for any portion of the training. You can see if students are utilizing all the resources (ex: online study manuals, final exams, progress exams and custom exams).
Student Performance Manager
Discover how you can help your students on their path to attaining license success