IAR Continuing Education Requirements

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  • Why was the IAR CE Model Rule adopted?
  • Who is IAR CE for?
  • What are the requirements?
  • State by state: Where is the IAR CE Model Rule in effect?

IAR CE Requirements

We’re here to help you navigate the new IAR CE requirements. Get answers to our most popular FAQs below.

  • Requirements


    IARs must complete training on an annual basis and earn the following credits:

    • 6 credits in the area of Products and Practices
    • 6 credits in the area of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
    • These courses must be delivered by a CE provider approved by both NASAA and Prometric like Securities Training Corporation
    Dually Registered IARs

    An IAR registered with a FINRA member firm and compliant with FINRA's Regulatory Element CE requirements meets the six-credit Products and Practices content requirement. Essentially, these IARs only need to complete six credits of Ethics and Professional Responsibility content.

  • Course Structure

    Course Structure

    Every IAR CE course includes a 10-question assessment. IARs must achieve a minimum score of 70% within three attempts. If unsuccessful after three attempts, they must retake the course before trying again.

  • Course Repetition

    Course Repetition

    Each IAR CE course must have a unique course ID to receive credit. Duplicate courses, even from different years, won't count toward the requirement. If an updated course has a new ID, IARs will get credit for it. Courses with the same name or instructor but a new ID due to significant content changes are acceptable for credit.

  • Reporting Fees

    Reporting Fees

    The course vendor/provider reports course completion to FINRA, NASSAA’s vendor for program tracking. The IAR CE course reporting fee, also sometimes referred to as the roster fee, is $3 per credit hour. This fee is paid by STC.

  • Carry Over Credits

    Carry Over Credits

    An IAR who completes more CE credits than are required for the year may not carry forward excess credits into a subsequent year.

  • Deadlines


    Any course completed in the current year would first count towards the previous year if the IAR had a deficiency. For example, an IAR with a deficiency in 2022 completed a course in 2023. This would first count towards any deficiency in 2022.


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