Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam


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What is the SIE Exam and why do I need to take it?       
The SIE is the Securities Industry Essentials Exam. FINRA introduced this new requirement on October 1, 2018. The SIE now acts as an entry point into the securities industry. It is required for anyone who does not hold a representative license. The SIE covers the essentials a candidate will need to begin a career in the securities industry. In addition to the SIE, you will also need to take a Top-Off Exam to be considered fully licensed.

Will a candidate with an existing representative license be required to take the SIE?     
No. However, if the candidate changes his or her registration category, he or she will need to pass the appropriate qualification (Top-Off) exam.

What is a Top-Off exam?     
Top-Off refers to the new version of the Representative Exams as of October 1, 2018. These exams no longer include questions related to the security industry essentials. This content can now be found on the SIE Exam. Due to these revisions, the Top-Off exams have lesser questions and the time allotted has been reduced. A candidate entering the securities industry will need to take the SIE and the corresponding Top-Off exam to be considered fully licensed for the intended role. We offer materials for the Series 6, 7, 52, 57, 79 and 99 Top-Off Exams.

As a result of the SIE, were there any changes to the State or Principal Exams?
No. These exam requirements have not changed.

How can a candidate register to take the SIE exam?        
When a candidate is ready to take the SIE, they will visit, scroll down to the Enrollment Options section, select Get Started, and proceed with registering for the exam.

Are the study times for the SIE and Top-Off exams the same?
No. Study times are different and will depend upon the registration category.

Does STC offer a live SIE class?  
Yes. We conduct both an in-person and live virtual (online) class. We also offer private classes.

Does STC offer live Top-Off classes?   
We conduct both an in-person and live virtual (online) class for the Series 6, 7 and 79 Top-Off exams. We offer a live virtual (online) class only for the Series 57 and 99 Top-Off exams. We do not offer live classes for the Series 52 Top-Off, but we do offer an On-Demand lecture. We also offer private classes for all categories.

Can I use the legacy study materials to prepare for the SIE and/or Top-Off exams?      
Although there is overlapping content, the information in the legacy material is not separated in a manner that would allow the student to prepare effectively for the new exams. Much of the material present on the legacy exams is now covered in two separate exams; the SIE and the Top-Off.  Using legacy materials may lead to you focusing on material not relevant to the new exam.