Marketing Strategies For Insurance Agents

Ask anyone if they want to hear about Aflac, and you might get laughed right. Yes, marketing and selling insurance is hard, but not if you know how to do it right.

Why insurance is hard to sell

It used to be that insurance agents would shop door-to-door, handing out business cards and whatever freebie trinkets they had made up, hoping that the will eventually find a client who just happened to need insurance. That antiquated approach is only going to waste time and waste money.

When you’re pitching insurance to a prospective customer, there’s no assumption of an easy sell. Just getting someone to think about insurance is a hurdle in and of itself. Savvy agents have to create urgency and need. After all, most clients don’t like to spend time thinking about eventual calamities and possible disasters.

This is exceptionally difficult because what you’re selling doesn’t provide any immediate gratification. So, if your client leaves the office without having signed paperwork, your chances of getting them back are basically non-existent.

Another very real issue agents face when trying to sell insurance is being able to understand the needs and behaviors of each type of client you have. Your potential client roster is probably full of both hot and cold leads.

Failing to connect with customers at the pivotal time might mean you lose your sale. The simplest solution is to separate your clients into lists that include their referral source and their potential needs.

Common problems insurance agents face when selling

One of the most pressing issues insurance agents face is creating bonds with clients so they will become long-term relationships. Even though we live in a digital world, the reality is that one of the best marketing strategies for insurance agents happens face-to-face.

Did you know that eight out of 10 people ask for recommendations from family and friends when looking for an insurance agent? That means that one of the most important and simplest things to do is get your name out there.

Building relationships with people instead of relying on virtual connections will take your efforts a lot further. When clients can connect your name to a friendly face, they’ll know you care about them and your community.

Once you have established yourself within your community, then it’s time to take a look at your digital connections. This includes having a simple, functional and interactive website, along with an effective plan for targeted email marketing, an excellent social media presence, and lots of reviews from your existing clients.

Effective marketing means having a solid concrete plan in place before you begin spending any money. When implement the best marketing strategies for insurance sales into your existing plan, then you’re ready to capture the sales leads you might be losing.

Embracing your network and showing up for your community is one of the best strategies for insurance agents. It will allow you to come together for causes that are already important to you and build lasting connections with people in your community.

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