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financial services internship

How to Snag a Financial Services Internship

If you’re looking to get into the financial services industry, there’s no better way than an internship. However, internships in financial services are often competitive and scarce, which can make snagging one difficult. Today, we’ll cover how you can make yourself an attractive candidate…

to recruit or to retrain

To Recruit or To Retrain? That is the Question (Download)

To Recruit or To Retrain? That is the Question To Recruit or to Retrain?- Every investment firm needs employees with the right mix of skills and backgrounds. Experienced employees serve as examples and mentors for those new to the industry, whereas new advisors bring…

good manager

What Does a Good Manager Look Like In a Top-Down Business?

The success of any business starts at the top. If your leaders and your management don’t inspire your employees, your business simply won’t succeed. What it means to be a good manager, and how you can train leadership that will drive your company toward…

How to improve your recruiting process

How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruiting Efforts

How to improve your recruiting process If you’re wondering how to recruit the best employees, start here. What does your recruitment style boil down to? The hiring process is a competitive market that favors job-seekers. You need to market yourself to the candidate just…

business people and technology

The Tech You Need to Get Started as a Financial Planner

Technology is a must-have for a financial planner. Clients expect it. Plus, it will make your job easier and let your staff concentrate on more important issues. Need more convincing? According to a Fidelity Investments survey, 53 percent of Gen X/Y millionaires say they…

Business meeting

How SIE Can Help Launch Your Financial Services Career

How the SIE Can Help Launch Your Financial Services Career The SIE Exam characteristics: Length: 75 questions + 10 experimental questions Candidates will need to be at least 18 years old The top-off exams characteristics: Series 7: 125 questions + 10 experimental questions Series…